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XLT with a Cors Fortune coil

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:57 pm
by Albus
Ive always had XLT's. I love them.I also have 2 XP Deus machines and a Spectrum XLT.
I recently picked up a Whites E Series XLT and bought a new Cors Fortune coil.
In the standard coin and Coin and relic modes its as dead as a dodo.
But there is a program on Facebook for it and after using that the E series came to life. Its a bit more sensitive than the Deus and much more sensitive than the standard E Series coil.
Very pleased and still more fiddling with the programming to go !

Re: XLT with a Cors Fortune coil

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:29 pm
by woodyszoo
Hi Albus,

I have that set up too, although now as back up to my MX Sport. Would you be so kind as too share the settings you are using?
I settled on mixed mode with the pre amp ramped up to 12 to 15 depending on conditions. This is pretty good but always looking to explore other possibilities.

TIA, Woody

Re: XLT with a Cors Fortune coil

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:49 pm
by Albus
Im not home at the mo I'll get back to you

Re: XLT with a Cors Fortune coil

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 3:14 pm
by Albus
Here ya go.

General Prog for use with Cors fortune DD coil

Volume; Your choice,mine 60.

Threshold; Your Choice,mine 1,dislike Buzz.

Audio Freq; Your choice,mine 234.

Audio Disc; On. Silent search; Off. Mixed-mode; Off.

A.C Sensitivity; 66,Not too high/low....Higher unnecessary with high pre-amp setting.

D.C Sensitivity; 32.

Backlight; Off. Viewing angle 25.

Ratchet;Off. SAT Speed; 3 Tone I.D; Your choice,mine;Off.

VCO;On. Absolute Value;Off. Modulation; On.

Autotrac; On. Trac View ;On. Autotrac Speed; 14.

Autotrac Offset; +2,bias towards smaller targets,larger will be detected anyway.

Trac Inhibit; On. Coarse/Fine GEB;Automatic.

Discrimination;Your choice BUT make sure +94/+95 rejected,keeps the thing stable.If looking for a start,try accepting +93 to -31,reject -32- -95,then alter as required.

Learn Accept/Reject; Off.

Recovery Speed; Mine 3,lower the better,as ground allows,try 7 as a start,if hunting for smaller,deeper targets,the machine needs time too lock onto the target before being forced too reset for the next.

Bottlecap Reject; Mine 1,try 3,2 or1 as conditions allow.

Visual Disc; On. Icons;Your choice,mine Off.

VDI Sensitivity; 92

D.C Phase; Your choice,mine ON,I like the non-motion VDI number check appearing in right-hand corner of screen when pin-pointing,saves wasted digging if minus numbers show.

Graph Average; On. Graph Accumulating; On.

Fade Rate; 7. Transmit Boost; On.

Transmit Freq; 4.

Pre-Amp; 15. If unstable,come down by ones until stable.