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this chap daryn seems to know his blisstools pretty well so for anyone who hasnt seen his videos heres a link.

the air hoard test : dont know if a lid constitutes a hoard but even so so the depth it saw it at is impressive and so is the minim test in the same video, i also liked the recovery test with coins and nails on a piece of wood the recovery time seems awesome" onclick=";return false;

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Re: video`s

Post by Filternozzle »

Yes he knows the Blisstool very well. I think you will find he is the uk dealer.
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Re: video`s

Post by muddy fingers »

There are a lot of interesting and informative videos on the American forum as well. Recently though, you have to actually join the forum to view anything on it, due to problems with spammers and a particular person who posts abuse. That same person has posted abuse of a personal nature following a recent video done at a rally in Scotland that was shown on the official Engish Blisstool forum. Actually, you can see all the videos from the American forum on you tube. The guy who films them calls himself "Florida Swing Thing." He's the American Blisstool dealer. Here's a link to one of the videos, but there are loads. Craig Talley, also from America, does a fair few as well and also uses a Deus.

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