C Scope R1 Review

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the CScope brand of metal detectors.
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C Scope R1 Review

Post by stephenbeetleman » Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:25 pm

As requested i will try to give you guys a review of my CScope R1.

I find it a good all rounder machine.
It has interactive menus so that settings can be left automatic or manual depending on user preference.

I used my machine in auto till i got used to it then started tweekin to the terrain i was searching. The best thing to do is to keep it simple to start with by selecting an automatic program on startup like coin inland or coin beach.
You can then go into the menus on the machine and tailor it to your own needs.
Pinpoint should be set to 8 max so that its most effective.
I found that at any higher it was too sensitive to be of any use.

This also means that you can ground balance it easier then if you need to.
Ground adj will be set to 50 which is fine for most sites but if the site is heavily mineralised, you'll need to either increase or decrease this.
What you do is hold the detector above the ground, then move it closer to the ground to see it you hear a raise in the threshold.
If you do you need to turn the ground adj down slightly and if the opposite happens ie. the sound dies away you will have to raise it.
This should be done to a point where the machines id isnt randomly jumping over the place.
By properly ground balancing you should get more depth.

The machine has an operating frequency of 7khz but can operate high middle or low so the machine can be more easier used with other machines in close proximity at hunts etc.
The frequency used also can affect what metals the machine is more sensitive to aswell such as small items closer to the surface when using a higher frequency or larger objects deeper down with a lower frequency.

The motion gain sensitivity sometimes will be set too high also so you can change that down to say 12 or 13 where it will result in alot less falsing and the id meter jumping all over the place also. You have two options for signal processing, analogue or digital i always select digital so that way i dont loss any of the deeper targets.

I have mainly used my r1 for beach work and after a while of using it the id meter is a handy tool to use.
£1 AND £2 COINS normally sound at about 14 to 15 on the meter with a sharp blip in the radar graph, copper, lead, brass and gold will be anywhere from 15 up to 20 on the display.

I have found that anything worth digging is above a 10 on the id. 9 is foil and unfortunately pulltabs and aluminium cans are about 13-15 so this is where the radar graph helps as its a bigger object it normally is rubbish.

I have also found that although the machine does still sound off on bottletops it does tend to flicker the id in a indecisive way when it finds them whereas with good items such as gold rings etc it is a lot less jumpy.

The discrimination circuitry seems to be very good as i normally block off between 0 and 4 on the graph and with a result i never dig iron at all.
I have always found the bigger coil is alot better with this machine too even in the trashy areas. The machine has a built in backlight which is handy for when the darker evenings creep up on us a bit quicker admittedly though it does make it slightly sorer on the batteries.
It also has a discrimination tone on the pinpoint which sooty and sweeps the target when you zone in on it depending on what its found.

My machine was a bit erratic to start with so i sent it back to C Scope and the guys there were just amazing, i cant recommend their customer service enough.
They set my machine back to all factory presets and installed a new version of the software free of charge even though it was outside of warranty! Pretty good i thought! Any questions you guys have pm me and i'll do my best to help you out!



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