CScope 3MX Review

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CScope 3MX Review

Post by bri_on_1 » Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:55 am

Hi all. When i got into this great hobby just over two months ago i wanted to get the right detector for me. I was on a budget of around £200, and i wanted something light, simple and easy to use and started reading about the c scope 3mx. This is a sound only detector with no digital display to be confused at. There are two simple buttons to play with, one is the on/off sensitivity control and the other is the discrimination control. When you turn the detector on and turn the sensitivity up you will get a sound, which is called the threshold. Then i turn it down a little until the sound goes quiet again also known as ghost mode. I always have my discrimination setting just over two which is perfect for my field use. You will still pick up large iron but you will not miss out on the good finds. If you go any higher on the discrimination you will be missing out on the silver an gold. There is also a pin point button. When you get a good clear target lift the coil in the air and press the pinpoint button and hold it in, then lower the coil over the target and you will get a good clear sound. You will then have your target directly under your coil. You can also remove the control box and have this mounted on your belt making this even lighter to use. The battery life of this machine is quite amazing! I must of had around 80hrs+ use so far and the batteries are still going strong. When the batteries start to die out you will get a different sound tone from the 3mx, then it's time for some new batteries.
When you get a good clear two way singnal both ways it's always worth digging, but if you get a broken sound both ways it's normally large iron but not always the case! Two weeks ago I found a gold saxon ring but this was quite an iffy signal. It was a nice and clear two way beep one way but the sound was broken the otherway, but if you are not sure dig it anyway, it paid off for me.
I have found some great finds with the cs3mx including my gold saxon ring. So if you are new to this hobby and want a simple starter machine i cannot recommend the c scope 3mx enough, and i will not be selling mine anytime soon. Here are some of my best finds to date with the cs3mx. ... bb5ba6.pbw
I hope this will help anyone thinking about getting their first detector. I know I made the right choice. [:)

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