CScope 4MX Reveiw

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CScope 4MX Reveiw

Post by shamenlong » Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:53 pm

my c.scope4mx turned up this afternoon so i thought it was a good opportunity to take it for a spin on the dry sand to be honest i was not sure what to expect so the settings i was using were as follows
auto ground
sensitivity 6
disc1 2
disc 2 4 and off i went my first two signals were a bit iffy on damp sand but produced two crusty one pence. i then moved up onto dry sand and with a unsure signal i kept swinging their was another fellow detectorist sandandmud i asked him to check the signals as it was a new machine i have not played around with settings to much to get a steady signal after a joint twenty min hunt in a very small space we unearthed around £3:20 in spendable s a nice coin spill.
we then moved onto wet sand although i was probably running the machine way to hot
auto ground sensitivity 6 disc 1 7 disc 2 around 8/9 if i remember rightly it was still falsifying but managed to pull around twenty pence in copper clad patience is the name of the game
the one down side to the mx4 is the pin pointer did not seem to be very loud almost muted in volume
and i am not sure if its my machine but the toggle switch wont click over to disc 1 its solid and wont move i hope this isnt the case as its supposed to be brand new more investigating to be done
over all im very pleased still a lot of home work to be done on this machine but for it maiden voyage out it done me proud.

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Re: CScope 4MX Reveiw

Post by Koala » Wed Jul 27, 2016 8:06 pm

The switch I believe it

Pull up for pinpoint. Let go and the rest middle position is Disc 1. Push it down for Disc 2

Glad you are doing well with it.


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