Minelab Tribune Review

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Minelab Tribune Review

Post by aa-clean » Mon May 16, 2011 10:27 pm

After my Musketeer experience I fancied another old school machine so was lucky enough to buy locally a mint little Tribune. This is a single frequency single tone machine and is really well built and balanced. Even though it has a metal control box it feels a little lighter than my Musky. It is very simple to use - switch on and keep sensitivity at full anticlockwise which is full sensistivity unlike most others which are maxed at full clockwise. It performs really well and the twice that I have used it in the month of ownership I have had silver on both occasions one a nice George 111 sixpence and the other a 1930 silver sixpence!! so it def likes silver!!! it also likes ring pulls and hot rocks!!! I use it on full sens with discrim at around 4. There is no need to use the pinpoint feature as like the Musky its response is so tight I just havent felt the need to use it except to identify further a larger type signal. A slight bugbear with this machine is the placement of its headphone socket it is far too close to the hand grip and affects the position of your thumb. Also the tone wont be to everyones liking as its a bit harsh and brash but it def gets your attention so probs not a bad thing. All in all a very sensitive and usefully deep detector and if you come across one cheap enough then grab it you wont be disappointed!!


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