X Terra 505 Review

Please post your personal metal detecting review here for the Minlabe brand of metal detectors.
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X Terra 505 Review

Post by cheeseaddict » Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:21 pm

I have had my 505 for six months now and have collected some thoughts. In terms of handling, the 505 is a light, well-balanced detector that also feels sturdy. I have owned a range of Garretts and C-Scopes and have had wrist problems in the past from repeated swinging (!) These have dissapeared recently.
The control panel is well laid out and fairly easy to use. It has manual ground balance which takes some getting used to and despite all the settings options, doesn't take long to get going. I have had a range of finds at different depths and it has comfortable found pieces of lead at 8-10 inches and a silver threepence at 6 inches. Recovery time can be a little slow in trashy areas which is a bit of a pain compared to my last detector which was a C Scope 6mxi. As with all detectors, it gets confused by angular pieces of iron and tin cans always come out at a reading of 36.
Overall I'm really pleased with the detector. I think it represents good value for money and feels a quality bit of kit.


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