VX3 - First impressions

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VX3 - First impressions

Post by ray77 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:47 pm

Had my VX3 for just over a week now so thought I would give my first impressions of it. Out of the box its the same as most Whites detectors to put together and only takes a few minutes.
Once put together like all other Whites detectors I have used it is well balanced and feels lighter than it really is. The screen is clear and easy to read, the only thing I had a problem with is the symbols on the status bar, I can`t see them without my reading glasses on so did not notice the low battery symbol come on while detecting.
So far I have only been on the beaches with it. I have found that the threshold volume seems to change depending which beach I am on, the first beaches I did on one side of Anglesey I had to turn it down to 8 then last night on the other side of Anglesey I had to turn it up to 14.
It is stable on both the dry and wet sand and the discrimination is spot on. I searched these same beaches for years with my Eagle Spectrum and then a DFX so know a few spots where there are small iron nails and screws, the DFX had trouble in these spots but the VX3 showed the iron on the display and also picked out other targets in among them. It also seems to have a few inches depth over the DFX but until I can borrow the one that was mine off the mate I sold it to I can`t be sure.
To top it all off it got its first gold ring last night so looking to be a good machine.

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