Should some experienced detectorists be ashamed?

Please post all topics here related to the research and gaining finding permission to metal detect.
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Re: Should some experienced detectorists be ashamed?

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At the end of the day it is up to the landowner who they allow on their land for various reasons. If I was looking for more land and saw someone detecting in a field then I would avoid that farm and not go there as not only would I personally not wish to encroach upon another's permission but I would rather just have a permission all to myself rather than shared if possible. Though no doubt some detectorist's would just see it as a green light to have a go as if it's okay for one then it must be okay for all? x;
All of the land I have (that sounds like vast counties but is really about 300 acres of mainly pasture and green-waste fields) I use when possible often alternating between visits to add some variety, but in reality only a fraction of that is productive enough to keep my interest in it. So in theory I could give away a lot of fields that are too quiet for my normal interest or are full of green-waste if it was up to me but think that any thanks for them would be quite short lived. And even if not it would no doubt lead to other problems of them instead by human nature straying onto my better fields so maybe just best left as is for both me and the farmer as we're both quite happy with the current situation.
Ah, I've just remembered about another 450 acres that I recently gained permission on by casually chatting with a farmer (I know, how could I forget about land that would more than double my current amount?) but have not been on at all yet. Well it's kind of remote and might even not be very good? But research say's it's well worth a try in parts. It's about an hour's drive away and I certainly don't expect it to be exclusive to me at all so anyone else could just ask nicely and no doubt would also gain permission on that undetected farm and also their other land (but I cannot say which it is, you'll just have to do your own leg work!). :D
Oops, just seen the telling off by OG about paying for land but this is kind of different! (honest). I assume that most people don't pay to detect on their permissions, as I don't normally. There is a neighbouring farmer who wants to charge me a fiver a day to detect on his land. But he say's that a club has been all over it so I was not too keen and had assumed that it had already been pretty well detected. The farmers all know each other and if they got talking about me detecting on their farms with one charging and two not then of course it could go either way, but I really do know that my main two farmer's would never dream of charging me at all so just out of interest I went on the other farm and paid a fiver and found that there were plenty of targets about. I got on really well with the farmer and he was really interested to see what I found on his land but nothing very good came up despite lot's of targets that visit, but could easily have done given the area's history. Then he asked what I had found on his mate's neighbouring farms - which were a few Roman, Anglo-Saxon & Medieval finds as well as a treasure item. I was then quite surprised when he sincerely thanked me for coming that day and was very keen for me to return to search another field when cropped. Next time I might mention that I don't pay to detect on his friend's neighbouring farms as I also show them all of my better finds and see what his reaction is? Either way I don't mind another fiver (but won't make a habit of it, unless it is that good!) as through research I've identified one particular area on that farm that I really do want to detect and would expect some decent finds from. So kind of a different scenario yet again? x;
And then there are the FB dig clubs s;.. that entice some farmers by wads of cash, which as said is the way of the world. By way of a change I have a done a few of these digs with three different clubs but generally find my own permissions to be more productive and enjoyable so will unlikely do any more of them. Of course someone will usually find something good like say a hammy or a gold something but 30 or more guys on a cultivated field all day is like the equivalent to me doing about 60 half days on even my old pasture which would no doubt usually far blow them out for decent finds even though against the odds of them being on cultivated. I guess that most of the attendees are just too lazy to get their own permission and would rather just pay and travel for the convenience. My local FB clubs have digs 70 miles or more away, I guess it's the old adage that the grass is always greener the further you travel? Though not usually true in reality. I don't agree with the often over hyped description of previous finds from that land to fuel the lure of punters, the majority of which are usually always disappointed with their day's finds unless of course complete newbies who seem to generally be quite chuffed with just some chunks of iron. Each to their own though and not knocking anyones contentment level. But do agree that occasionally there is a rally on some seriously good land where virtually everyone makes a good find.
Apologies for my rambling, I've just had to look back to see what the actual OP's original question was. :))
If any land is not currently being detected I really just don't see any issue with getting on it apart from for any obvious reasons, it's all just about how you approach the landowner. Face to face is the very best way, a phone call is second best but harder to gain their interest as you are just a stranger's voice on the phone that they can't relate to rather than a face that they can. E-mails & letters may portray more information about you but I personally just would not bother with that route though some have good success with them. In fact of my last two permissions I just approached the landowner's face to face, got chatting, purposely didn't even ask the question, and just let them offer their land to me, I think I've got this permission lark sussed now! =)) -=+:-P
That's just the way it is, though to be honest I'm always quite nervous inside when talking to landowners but just put on a brave face and act cool, gee they're only human, the worst thing that can happen is that they can say no, so nothing lost and nothing gained, so just move on to the next. ::g
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Re: Should some experienced detectorists be ashamed?

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A very good post Easylife ::g
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Re: Should some experienced detectorists be ashamed?

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Have to say a thumbs up for the post , well written and thought out .
I was very tempted to respond to the part about paying but had second thoughts
after being told off :))
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